Sunday, February 19, 2012

O For A Thousand Tongues

(Song of the Week Sundays)

I hope you take a moment to enjoy this version of "O For A Thousand Tongues."  Charles Wesley wrote these words in 1739.  He wrote this song as he reflected on the previous year.  This song was his reflection upon the one year anniversary of his conversion to Christ.  In 1828 the great American Composer Lowell Mason  wrote a new tune and, as you can hear in this recording, it is a song that has continued to be revisited by talented musicians.

It is a song that speaks to both the human condition in a very real way and also speaks of the boundless response of God acting upon us.  Written by a man who was responding to very recent changes in his life and faith, one can feel the passion come through this song.  To me, maybe I'm weird, it seems that this song is more than just a sum of its parts.  There is a Spirit that is active behind the words, the tune, and the arrangement.  There is an X-factor in this hymn and, I think, that is the reason it has captured the imaginations of so many talented musicians over the centuries.

I hope that you will enjoy this version by the David Crowder Band and I hope that this song will bring inspiration to your week!

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