About Us

The Revs-Carnes:

We met in Evanston, IL while attending seminary at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.  Both of us are clergy (pastors) in the Illinois Great Rivers Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.  Carrie is the solo pastor at Chenoa United Methodist Church and Scott is the Associate Pastor at First United Methodist Church in Normal, IL.

We enjoy travel whether it is a walk with our dog, a family trip, or an international destination.  We are a couple which enjoys being on the go!  One of the most fulfilling aspects of our lives is the work we do in the local church.  We both enjoy being in community with other people and sharing stories and building relationships with others brings us each great joy!


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  2. Hey Scott,
    If you are looking for a church remember you promised me we would work together some day when I got my own church or we started one together. Well,I am leaving Cargill and will be a sole pastor at Edgerton UMC. Jim and I are even moving to Edgerton and living in the parsonage. That means our house in Madison is open to rent and we'll even leave it partially furnished if it makes it easier. So keep your eye on the prize and let Carrie know too that I will wait for you both...
    Barb Wells

  3. Yes, I remember! I'm heading to Normal (which, yes, is very ironic), you know. One day I do want to start a church. We'll both keep our eyes open for the right place and the right time!!!