Thursday, April 12, 2012

Scary-Different Church

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I'm very worried about the United Methodist Church. It has been on a long and slow decline in membership and finances for years. We know that the course we are on is untenable and we know our bureaucracy is oversized and out-dated...and we know that it no longer reflects the needs of our current church.

I don't know which of the upcoming proposals will be best, but I implore all of those heading to General Conference 2012 to take action this year. If we don't accept the call-to-action or a similar piece of legislation, we won't be around much longer.
I hate to say it so strongly. I hate to have to say it at all...but I am afraid for my church. We can't afford to ignore our problems any longer and the local church can't afford anything, not any more.

It is time for action. I know the arguments against the call-to-action report. I know that many groups fear a loss of voice. I agree, that is not what we want. Yet, I fear there will be no voices soon enough, if we don't reduce the size of our church boards. Furthermore, I wonder how effectively we feel the voices "at the table" are heard in our current system. I wonder how effectively our boards are currently operating?

I have thought long and hard about it. I choose to give up my seat. I know that's not saying much, but I didn't throw my hat in the ring to be on a board or agency this time around. I've served my church the past 8 years and I think I now serve it best by sitting back and letting the church shrink, become more nimble, and allow other voices to be heard. Are others willing to give up their seat for the good of our church? Are we willing to say less in order that the church can do more? Are we willing to step out in faith even though this new reality is scary-different?

Let's make a new future for this church.

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